• 19 Apr 2022
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TheTechCentral.net: The Idea Behind Us

Our website was formerly a place that helped developers and everyone upload their files to help millions solve issues & upgrade their PC & Mobile software/hardware. Our editors have been thinking about new looks or features for a long time. We look forward to improving our website to bring you something new and exciting. Because of that, The Tech Central's new mission is to help everyone find the best yet critically tested products in no time.

Tech can be a vast field where it can be challenging to find the correct information. But here, on The Tech Central, the philosophies are quite different. We believe there should be a better, more reliable link between what you're looking for and the information you need. It takes endless time to search for the right information in all the wrong places and get lost. In this information-overloaded era, we try our best to narrow down your search and direct you towards the relevant information regarding your favorite technologies.

That's how The Tech Central's reviewing lab was born.

Our tech experts spend hours solving tech questions with the goal to save you time and money.

From DevFiles.co to TheTechCentral.net

We recognize that the word 'devfiles' may be unfamiliar to non-technical readers. As a result, we're looking for a name that matches our goal and origins. And the title 'thetechcentral' will allow us to communicate with our audience on how we can improve.
When we originally decided to rename our website, we were overwhelmed by a large number of attractive and appealing names. After a long time of confusion, we've found a new name which is a well-known and easy-to-understand web domain for everyone.
We are pleased to notify you that we changed our online business domain — the DevFiles.Co website has been renamed to thetechcentral.net domain. Our website aims to make our users' online experience better. You can find our detailed announcement here.

Who are We?

Our team shares one common interest: a keen eye on emerging technology. We are both researchers and readers with an excellent grasp of the latest topics in tech, gadgets, security, and other trends. We also understand that the computer is an essential aspect of the digital world. That's why we start with Computer And Laptop Reviews, Computer Parts, Software Desk Setup, Gaming Gadgets, Light, Electronics, and so on.

You can rest assured that your search is in the right hands. The products we recommend are based on our gut feeling and supported by comparative analysis and industry consensus.

DevFiles.co has all the tech reviews in one place!

Our Philosophy

DevFiles.co was created in 2014 by our founders to make the best Tech files sharing directory. Our goal is to help users find, upload, and share the right files to set up the software, drivers, and mobile app.

Followed by the strong growth of the website, we decided to change the website's purpose. We want to help consumers find the right products. Our team started to attract attention with our detailed content, dedication, and hard work.

We started to read tech-related news articles and reviews, as well as comparisons, tips, and tricks. It means that everything is hot in the world of technology. We do our best to help users get closer to their tech dreams by filling the knowledge gap.

After extensive research into technological products, our readership has grown exponentially. This has made us more accessible and wider.

How do we run the business?

If a purchase is made through DevFiles.co's website, we may earn an affiliate commission from the service provider. This compensation is at no cost to buyers. Advertisements on our website are not something we like. Our editors review all details before recommending any product to our readers.

DevFiles.co does not promote products based on their payouts. We strictly adhere to the guidelines and place quality first.

Scoring and Ranking

You can compare the testing results in a pandora-box of pros and cons to help you make your final decision. Our tech reviews and market research from thousands of customers' feedback and reviews help us rank our opinions. We match our findings with your tech. Desires to give you the best recommendation.

Comparing and Recommending

After revealing the true picture and worth of a product, we recommend you the best based on opinions, not judgments. Read any of our Computer reviews or any other, you’ll be exposed to a table of recommended ones. Two products seem identical, but they’re not.

Keep sharing

The reviews are never-ending, as is the usage. We keep our community informed about any changes, or improvements to all products that we review. Every product review on our website will be updated after a certain period. Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about the products that you use.