Android File Transfer

  • 29 Dec 2020 02:10
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Software to transfer files between Android and Mac Devices

Transferring files between different operating systems was difficult in the past. The Android File Transfer package has addressed these concerns.

Download Android File Transfer Here

Main Features and Functions

Android File Transfer is basically a simplified way to send files between Mac OS and Android operating systems. This is especially useful for QuickTime files, which would otherwise be difficult or complicated to convert. This software package was officially released via Android. There are no doubts about its authenticity and reliability. You can also copy and send files larger than 4 gigabytes. This is ideal for large blocks of text or high-definition media.

An easy-to-use option

Android File Transfer has another advantage: it is very user-friendly compared to other options on the market. A USB cable is all that is needed to connect two devices. The installation wizard is available before downloading, making the process much simpler.


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