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Newly Launched Amplifiers are on the Way to Intensify Sound Systems

  • 02 Feb 2022 11:10
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Newly Launched Amplifiers are on the Way to Intensify Sound Systems

The advent of amplifiers is one of the finest things to improve the sound. Let it be soft or loud, amplifiers added to the systems would increase the enthusiasm, bringing all its finest detail. An amplifier improves music’s clarity and intelligibility along with increasing the system’s ability to play music without distortion. 

An audio amplifier is an integrated circuit (IC) implanted in an electronic device, which is used to surge the amplifier sound from low power electronic audio signal to high-level audio signal. Most amplifiers can be connected with home audio systems, musical instrument systems, sound reinforcement, and loudspeakers. Amplifiers increase the vibrations to a higher extent of the signal without causing impacts on frequency and wavelength. It also enhances the efficiency of the system.

Audio amplifiers offer various features to support intrinsic applications in numerous products such as portable devices, cars, home audio systems, and other consumer electronics. Owing to its advantages and applications, it has been widely adopted by the people. Also, there has been an increase in music admirers, which in turn, has augmented the demand for amplifiers. Moreover, the key market players are also prospering the market with advanced and latest launches. Following are some of the recently launched amplifiers in the market-

STMicroelectronics has unveiled FDA901 class-D audio amplifier IC

STMicroelectronics, a multinational integrated solution provider has recently introduced its latest FDA901 class-D audio amplifier IC using a semiconductor design. FDA901 is a class-D audio amplifier IC that instantaneously shows both enormously high-quality sound and very advanced features that improve sound reliability. The amplifier integrates the audio design capabilities of Alps Alpine Co Ltd, a Japanese company for car audio equipment. The new chip is developed to advance multi-purpose car audio systems with highly efficient class-D amplifiers. Moreover, it offers numerous features including low distortion ratio, low residual sound, flat frequency response attained through feedback technology along low EMI levels.

Sound Storm Laboratories (SSL) to unveil commercial amplifiers

At the same time, Sound Storm, a group of car audio professionals, including a division of Boss International Group, has launched a new range of four amplifiers in its charger series. The product has been launched on its official website. According to the SSL brand manager, Greg Orlando, the charge series of amplifiers is innovative, tough, and powerful as well as inexpensive. He further added that the series offers options to choose among four amplifiers along with the best customer service and six years of warranty period.

The further innovations and integration of amplifiers within speakers are attracting customers. On the other hand, the companies are also coming up with power-efficient and advanced amplifiers. These factors are aiding to expand the market. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global audio amplifier market is anticipated to achieve significant growth in the coming years. Moreover, factors such as new and advanced launches, escalation in popularity of in-vehicle entertainment systems, and penetration of IoT would lead the market to grow exponentially.

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