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We’re Excited to Announce Our New Name!

  • 11 Mar 2022 08:50
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We’re Excited to Announce Our New Name!

We are excited to share our new brand identity and website with you!

We are proud to inform you that we will transfer our internet business to a new location and branding—the name of the DevFiles.Co website will be changed to domain on March 20, 2022. Our unique platform tries to improve our users' online experience.

What is the reason for the change?

We realize that society has improved dramatically and that although vital to us, the word 'devfiles,' although important to us, has a different meaning for general audiences.

We want a name that reflects our mission and background while also allowing us to start a new topic that better demonstrates our spirit. The words ‘thetechcentral’ is a title that will let us be in contact with our audience about how we can do more.

Although this is a dramatic change, we want you to confirm that our fundamental beliefs have not altered.

We are still, and has always been, a location where experts and everyone can publish their information to help millions of people solve problems and improve their technology devices, PC, and mobile software/hardware.

Computer And Laptop Reviews, Computer Parts, Software Desk Setup, Gaming Gadgets, Light, Electronics, and so on continue to be popular on our website.

You may relax knowing that your discovery is in safe hands. Our methods depend on our instincts and are accompanied by comparative study and professional opinion.

Our new mission

The new goal of is to support techies in quickly discovering the top yet thoroughly researched products.

It might be challenging to choose the correct information in technology. The beliefs of, on the other hand, are different. We assume there should be a deeper, more trustworthy connection between what you're searching for and the details you require. 

It takes excessive time to look for the correct information in all the wrong areas and become overwhelmed. We try to limit your search and guide you to the necessary data on your favorite gadgets in this technology era.

Continue to accompany us

The review sites are never-ending, as is the consumption. We keep our audience up to date on any modifications or enhancements to the products we discuss. After a specified duration, every effect on decision-making on our website will be updated. To discover more about the products and services you use, please sign up for the service.


What may current and potential social business consumers demand from this change?

Despite the name change, all of our customers can anticipate the same high degree of competence and value from us as before. We are delighted to provide commercial contracts each year as an essential social company and maintain our strong tradition of assisting customers when buying any tech products.

We will continue to provide cutting-edge tech products reviews and related issues for readers. We look forward to partnering with businesses to help them meet their social purchasing goals and significantly affect their communities.

Is the company's leadership changing as a result of the rebrand?

No, this redesign does not imply that the company's leadership will change.

What happens to the previous URLs and website?

All of our previous domains and URLs will now automatically redirect to our new website today. For instance, if you go to, you will be immediately sent to

You will still receive certain sections on our website since our specialized services will continue to function under the name.

To remain updated on our newest news, we invite you to visit or subscribe to our mailing list.


The new website and market presence highlight our company's creative, vibrant, and forward-thinking culture and are aimed to encourage and raise us as we continue to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to our existing and prospective customers.

Our domain will instantly change our web strategy, and we will be changing all of our property resources soon. We'll take a static approach because altering a web domain is a procedure that might require several steps and take some time.

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