Sony's Bridge for Mac

  • 08 Mar 2020 00:45
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The Sony Bridge MacOS application was developed by Sony. It allows you to transfer content between your Sony smartphone and your computer.

Sony Bridge also includes the Xperia Transfer utility that allows you to move content quickly from an old device to a Xperia smartphone.

Sony Bridge automatically detects any Sony smartphone connected to your Mac computer. However, you need to ensure that the screen of your phone is not locked first.

This user-friendly management tool was created to bridge the gap between your Mac computer and your Android Sony smartphone

You can also switch between the Mass Storage Mode and Media Transfer Mode via the phone settings.

You can transfer files to a folder, to the iPhoto and iTunes libraries, backup your entire device, restore from a back-up, manage your contacts, and import contacts from multiple sources to your Google account.

Sony Bridge allows you to search the phone media libraries and can even be used to import specific files.

You can also move content to your phone's drive simultaneously: Sony Bridge can search your iTunes and iPhoto libraries. It can also manage individual folders.

The Sony Bridge application's well-organized design makes it easy to navigate around.

Sony has tested a solution to transfer data from your Mac to your Android phone

Sony Bridge allows you to seamlessly transfer media content and contacts between your Mac computer and your Android Sony smartphone.

Sony Bridge allows you to back up your entire Sony smartphone and also lets you restore that backup quickly. The Xperia Transfer tool is a quick way to transfer content between older and new Sony phones.

Bridge for Mac has moved to Xperia Companion from May 24, 2016.

Click here for Xperia Companion


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